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Error Description

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Library Manager 7.9.0 Prerequisites:

Library Manager 6.7.0 Prerequisites:

Library Manager 6.6.0 Prerequisites:

Most of the Errors in Library Manager arise due to improper Run-Time files. Library Manager requires the following files to be installed on your system for its proper functioning.

Q.1 The Software on starting quits with the Run-Time Error 0xc0000135
Ans. You need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later.
Q.2 The Software on starting quits with the Run-Time Error TYPE_E_INVDATAREAD
Ans. Please upgrade to the latest version of Library Manager. This has been fixed in 7.9.4. It occurs because of non-default language setting in Windows.
Q.3 The Software on starting quits with the Run-Time Error ‘430’
Ans. You need to install Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 or later.
Q.4 I am receiving the following Error. What should I do?
Run-time error '-2147217887 (80040e21):'
Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.
Ans. Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 269495
Click Here to visit it On-Line.
  239114 ACC2000: Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 4.0 Available in Download Center
Q.5 When printing or displaying a data report, the following error occurs:
Report Width is Larger than the Paper Width.
Ans. Try Adjusting your Printer Settings. Change the Page Layout from Portrait to Landscape.
OR Click Here to visit On-Line Article by Microsoft Corp.
Q. 6 I am receiving the runtime error '545'.
Ans. It is caused by a missing dependency file "msbind.dll". This file is included in the version 6.5.0 of Library Manager.
Q. 6 Runtime error '3706' - under win 98 environment
Ans. Caused by Missing Runtime Components. Install Data Access Components.

"error starting" "Cannot find dll msvbv60.dll"

Ans. Missing VB6 Runtime Files. Download and Install VB6 Run Time Files.

If you encounter any Error or Bug then send an Email at or provide the On-Line Feedback .

Please include the following details:

  •    Which version of Library manager are you currently using?
  •    Your PC Configuration, such as RAM, Disk Space, OS, etc.
  •    Complete Error Message. Screenshot.
  •    What were you exactly doing when the error occurred?
  •    Any other information which you think will be helpful in eliminating the error.


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