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Term & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to SawanSoft's owned and run websites. This page discusses all of the terms and conditions that apply to anything related to SawanSoft, whether directly or indirectly. Please be aware that we reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time without notice; however, this website will always represent the most up-to-date terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all engagements with SawanSoft via email & telephonic communication.


This document/webpage is an electronic record published by SawanSoft under the provisions of the Information Technology Act (India), 2000 and the Rules made thereunder (as applicable) and shall act as a valid agreement between SawanSoft and Buyer/user or the concern having the engagement of any kind with SawanSoft. Further, the use of the authorized payment gateways to Purchase software products/ Goods / Services and the resulting Contracts shall be governed by the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) (unless otherwise superseded by Product / Service specific Special Terms and Conditions (STC), Product / Track / Domain Specific STC of Particular Service including its SLA (Service Level Agreement) Specific Additional Terms and Conditions (ATC) as applicable)

Privacy Policy


1. As your service provider, we need to keep and process information about you at the time of check-out whenever you make a purchase from our web site to complete your transaction. To process your order, we require you to supply us with your correct billing, shipping and contact information. The information remains secure and cannot be received or read by others.
2. When you contact our support, we receive your contact information. We require you to submit your name and email address to be able to respond to your inquiry.
3. You may also register to receive periodic email correspondence from us on software updates & surveys. The information we collect for this purpose is your name and email address.
4. The information we hold and process will be used for our management and administrative use only. We will keep and use it to enable us to run the business and manage our relationship with you effectively, lawfully and appropriately.
5. This policy applies where we are acting as a data controller and data processor with respect to the personal data of our customers; in other words, where we determine the purposes and means of the processing of that personal data.
6. We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy when you first visit our website.
Our website incorporates privacy controls which affect how we will process your personal data. By using the privacy controls, you can specify whether you would like to receive direct marketing communications and limit the publication of your information.

How we use your personal data?

Online Order: The personal information you supply when placing an online order is used to ship your order and to send you order confirmation email. We may also use it to contact you in case of seeking any clarification on the order or a related correspondence.

Technical Support: We use the personal information you supply when you submit a support question to respond to your question. Your email address is used to send a response from our Technical Support team.

Email message: We will send email messages to let you know about changes at our Web site, new releases, promotional offers and special discounts on products and services. With every email newsletter, customers are provided an option to remove themselves from receiving future emails.

Returns & Refunds

The client has the right to request for refund for the SawanSoft product/software for the 30 days from the date of purchase, if your case falls in the following refund guidelines.

  •  The purchase should be done either directly through SawanSoft websites or through authorized re-seller of SawanSoft.
  •  SawanSoft is not responsible for any one of the following:
    •   Any lost or misdirected email.
    •   Delays in downloading or any communication delays.
    •   Delay due to any unforeseen uncontrolled factor.
    •   Mail being marked as SPAM by the email client application of the client or by the mail server being used by the client.
    •   Mail for download or activation is bounced by the sender or receiver mail server due to any reason.
    •   Once purchased and is done with process, you don’t need the software any longer.
    •   Accidentally Purchased Software and now want to remove it from the system.
    •   While purchasing your aim was not to purchase this specific software.
    •   After purchasing software you faces trouble to operate the tool in your computing platform.
    •   Software purchased is not suitable for the platform you are using.
    •   Weekend delay in license processing.
    •   Unable to use software, as basic requirements to run software is not fulfilled by your machine.
  •   Refund will be made only if one of the below conditions hold true
    •   If the Client was able to perform the operation as stated with demo version but the functionality was not there in the Full Version.
    •   If the SawanSoft Support Team fails to help the client in resolving the issue. Client must email the issue to and wait 10 days or the time requested by SawanSoft Support team with assurance via email.
  •   SawanSoft is not responsible for miss-interpretation by client of material published as part of promoting the product/software by SawanSoft. In such case the responsibility lies with client to get the right interpretation from the SawanSoft’s support staff.
  •   Refund will only be done when signed “Letter of Destruction” in form of email is received by the client. SawanSoft should receive the email on within 30 days of the date of purchase of the SawanSoft product/software along with the attachment of request made for support to and all other required details like order number from email of the order was processed to.
    •   Letter Of Destruction implies that client provides in written that the product/software bought from SawanSoft will be destroyed from all machines where it have been installed and also allow authorized person from SawanSoft to do physical inspection of all the machines where it was installed to ensure destruction is done properly. The inspection can happen anytime within 1 year of the date of purchase of product/software from SawanSoft. The inspection can happen without prior notice to the client. Any evidence of the refund product/software will entitled to legal proceedings.
    •   From the date of receiving the “Letter of Destruction” from the client, the refund will be processed within 30 days. Any delay than 30 days will be notified to the client through email from SawanSoft.
  •   If the full licensed version of any software works but not completely then we will provide a solution for that.
  •   You can contact the support team, in case the software you purchased fails to execute operations that are promised to be done. After analyzing and studying the issue, our technical expert will provide you with the suitable solution and then also if the issue is not solved and still exists, then we will refund you the money you invested while purchasing the product and amount will be determined according to the task and issues solved by our software.
  •   We issue 100% refund incase our software fails to fulfill any of our specifications. However in case of any special occurrence SawanSoft’s recruited officer will determine the percentage suitable for refund in such cases.

Refund is not valid in the following cases:

  •   When User Is Unwilling to share request Files which can help us resolve the problem occurred in Case of Software Failure: There are ‘N’ numbers of corruption cases, and if in any particular unhandled exceptions, the client is finding issues in performing the process using our software; then we ask the client to share files, so that we can do the needful for them. We are also ready to sign the Non Discloser Agreement (NDA) if required by the client in such cases. If the client is finding issues in performing the process successfully, and if he is also not uploading his files on our FTP Server, even if we are ready to sign the NDA, then in that case, the refund is not valid.
  •   If the client purchased any of our software without first evaluating it with the help of the FREE Demo Version, then the refund for that product will not be given.
  •   In case our software is unable to perform the process it is projected to perform, then, refund can be claimed.
  •   If the software is purchased without its prior examination via the demo version, then, refund cannot be claimed
  •   Refund is permissible, but only in case of FAILURE of both the PRODUCT and SUPPORT SERVICES. In case when the purchased product fails to perform designated task, then it is advised to first connect with our technical support. The support team is available 24 hours Monday- Saturday and can be contacted at any time as per your requirement. The support team will examine the files and if needed, will connect to your system via remote connectivity. If it is required to transfer the database to our laboratory, then it will be done after getting permission from the client along with Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The support team will then provide additional solution within 48 hours of getting the files at laboratory. If, here too, nothing constructive happens and our technical experts fail to provide any satisfactory solution, then the product amount will be refunded.
  •   The software holds the capability of successfully working for the lifetime, but on one condition that it must be operated on the same system without updating the environment, uninstalling or removing it. If in case, the software is uninstalled/deleted from the system, then the software must be installed and its license re-activated on the same machine only.
  •   Once the software license key has been purchased by the client, then it cannot be transferred to any other machine because the organization does not permit as it would be against of software terms and guidelines.
  •   Order License having 50% discount or discount more than 20% from the original price on the date of purchase cannot be cancelled once purchased.
  •   If it is noticed that the product license is used after breaking software guidelines and terms then there will be sudden cancellation of the license and client have to pay penalty charges as per company forensics, law and Cyber civil judgement.
  •   SawanSoft is not responsible in the situations like apt explanation done on promotional website, blog, article or different kind of promotion that hampers the reputation of SawanSoft. If you find anything like this then immediately contact us or you can also send an emails and avail precise details.
  •   Refund case at some point cannot be acceptable if the purchase of the software is already made from reseller, distributor or any other mode. The reliable and trustworthy payment gateway will help to assert the authenticity, so make sure to talk to support agent or email to support department.
  •   SawanSoft can take legal action immediately if found that someone is misusing the software or violating of fair use policy described in product’s download page that leads to harmful result. So, stay aware of it.
  •   Refund will not be processed if client violate our refund policy.

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