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Library Manager - Release History

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These are the Proposed New Features for Library Manager v8 (Under Construction)
  •    Database Import/Export Facility.
  •    Book Bank Feature.
  •    Stock Verification.
  •    Wish List for Books by Students and Staff. (For Books Currently Not Available in Library)

Library Manager v7.9.9 (Single and Multi user) : Released (2 Jan 2016 (revised on 20 Apr 2017))

  •    Student / Member Membership data and report (Active/Inactive Members).
  •    Option to add fine to Student / Member for Lost book.
  •    List of books presently in Library.

Library Manager v7.9.8 (Single-user) : Released (6 Feb 2015)

  •    Solved Arial Narrow Font Issue after Windows 7 update.
  •    Added functionality to Activate/Inactivate Student/Staff/Member.
  •    Added Header, Book Title in Barcode. Signatory in ID Cards. (6 Mar 2015)
  •    Allow Fine Edit while returning a book. (6 Mar 2015)

Library Manager v7.9.7 (Single-user) : Released (29 Aug 2014)

  •    Allow user to Select Printer.
  •    Fixed error when saving reports on systems where latest Excel is not present.

Library Manager v7.9.5 (Single-user) : Released (6 April 2014)

  •    Multi-User support now available (with OPAC).
  •    Muliple Language Support.

Library Manager v7.9.4 (Single-user) : Released (7 Feb 2014)

  •    Email Reminder for due Books by Student / Member.

Library Manager v7.9.3 (Single-user) : Released (10 Jan 2014)

  •    Added Search by Magazine Article.
  •    Improved Search to be case-insensitive.

Library Manager v7.9.2 (Single-user) : Released (26 July 2013)

  •    Book Purchased between dates Report bug fixed when system reports date in dd/mm/yyyy format.
  •    Book Reservation bug fixed for books currently Issued.
  •    Search Student by Enrollment number added.
  •    Added Branch name when displaying Due books by Students.

Library Manager v7.9.1 (Single-user) : Released (24 August 2012)

  •    Allowed changing of Student and Staff Id.

Library Manager v7.9 (Single-user) : Released (14 July 2012)

  •    Added Student/Member Login for Search purpose.

Library Manager v7.8 (Single-user) : Released (4 July 2012)

  •    Fixed Incorrect Fine calculation.

Library Manager v7.7 (Single-user) : Released (1 May 2012)

  •    Fixed the Error while Newspaper / Magazine Issue / Deposit.

Library Manager v7.6 (Single-user) : Released (3 February 2012)

  •    Fixed the Error while making Staff / Student entry.

Library Manager v7.5 (Single-user) : Released (10 January 2012)

  •    Student / Member Promotion feature.
  •    Alphanumeric Bill Numbers.

Library Manager v7.4 (Single-user) : Released (1 January 2012)

  •    Added Student Fine Report.
  •    Book Reservation Module Added.

Library Manager v7.3 (Single-user) : Released (23 December 2011)

  •    Added Student Semester & Minor Bug fixes. 
  •    Records numbering order fixed.

Library Manager v7.2 (Single-user) : Released (1st December 2011)

  •    Due Books Report also included Staff Member. Bug fixed. 
  •    Incorrect Issue of Reference Books. Bug fixed. 

Library Manager v7.1 (Single-user) : Released (15th November 2011)

  •    Capture Photos using Webcam.
  •    Student ID card printing. 

Library Manager v6.7.7 (Single-user) : Released (4th November 2011)

  •    See Member / Book Photo while Issue/Deposit.
  •    Added Section field for Student Data Entry.
  •    No need to enter Member Id while Book Deposit.
  •    Issue/Deposit Duration (days) increased to 3 digits.

Library Manager v6.7.5 (Single-user) : Released (31 July 2011)

  •    Quick Launch Toolbar added.
  •    Bug Fixes 

Library Manager v6.7.1 (Single-user) : Released (10th July 2011)

  •    Alphanumeric Student and Staff Id support.

Library Manager v6.7.0 (Single-user) : Released (11th June 2011)

  •    User Interface changed.
  •    Support for Digital Media added.
  •    Issue / Deposit History (Monthly / Yearly).
  •    Windows Vista and Windows 7 support added.

Library Manager v6.6.1 (Multi-user only) : Released (25th May 2005)
Module for Entry/Issue/Deposit of Digital Media such as CD, DVD, VHS, etc.

Library Manager v6.6.0 (Bug Fixes) : Released (1st February 2005)

Library Manager v6.6.0 Features : Released (15th July 2004)

  •    Library Manager has been made Shareware.

Library Manager v6.5.9 Features : Released (9th December 2003)

  •    Fine Settings have been changed.
  •    Help File has been updated.

Library Manager v6.5.8 Features : Released (12th November 2003)

  •    Run-time error during Search fixed Fixed.
  •    Book Status/Condition field added.

Library Manager v6.5.7 Features : Released (30th July 2003)

  •    Error during Login Fixed.
  •    Printing of Multiple Bar codes. (Saves Paper Cost)

Library manager v6.5.6 Features : Released (2nd  July 2003)

  •    Book Reservation - For a Book Currently Not Available in Library by Students or Staff.
  •    View Last Book/Magazine/Newspaper deposited by Student/Staff Member.
  •    Manual Sorting of Report Generated in Grid and Printing Facility.
  •    Set and Unset of database password by the User.
  •    When s/w starts no login should be asked if no user has been created.
  •    Login only if users have been created by the User.
  •    Changing Image in the  Main Window by user.
  •    Reports for New Released Books in Library.
  •    Restoring Database from a Previous Backup.
  •    Magazine Search by Articles.
  •    Minor bugs while displaying Reports have been fixed.

Previous History details has been removed.

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